NSW drivers face bigger fines, loss of licence under new laws


First-time low-range drink-drivers in NSW will be fined $561 and have their licences suspended for three months, while those caught mid-range will have a breath-test device fitted to their car under new legislation before State Parliament.

In NSW, all drink-drivers are required to go before court, so there is no minimum fine, but the average penalty in 2017 for a first-time low-range drink-driver was $482, and $472 for a first-time drug-affected driver.

NSW Drivers to slow down to 40km/h when passing blue and red flashing lights




A new road rule is being introduced to help keep emergency service vehicles and their crews safe.

From September 1, NSW drivers must slow down to 40 kilometres per hour if emergency services vehicles are stopped on the road with blue or red lights flashing. This applies to motorists travelling in both directions. The only exception to the rule is if the road is divided by a median strip.

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