Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons

You may wonder what taking a driving lesson looks like.

Well, after booking your lesson over the phone/online and securing a time and location you can expect to be picked up from your address.

Your instructor will be on time, so we recommend that you are waiting outside at the set start time. During the lesson, your instructor will sit in the passenger seat of the dual control car and instruct you as you drive. After the lesson, you can book further lessons and organise packages through your instructor.

Our selection of packages is exclusive and affordable. Check them out here!

If you are by any chance, unhappy after a lesson, please contact us within 24 hours after it so that we can make further arrangements. Customer satisfaction is something we regard highly, and we want to be informed if we can make your experience any more exceptional.

Onroad is an accredited provider by the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS, Transport for NSW) for the Safer Drivers Course. A lot of our instructors are Safer Drivers Course accredited. Our instructors are patient, relaxed, and dedicated to your progress in becoming a safe and responsible driver.

We provide lessons throughout Sydney and Brisbane with Automatic and Manual instructors. With lessons available seven days a week, we hope that you are able to find a convenient time to book your lesson.

Turn Left

When turning left or right you must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road into which you are turning.

Turn Right

Before taking turn, you need to take care about indicators first. Turn on indicators, before taking turn to avoid accidents.

How to do Kerb Side Stop

How to do Kerb Side Stop. Follow MISS Procedures (Mirror, Indicator, Shoulder Check and Steering).

Pull - Push Steering

While taking deep turn, pull-push steering method is used. Make sure you don't lock your hands there.

Hand over Hand Steering

Hand over hand is another method which is used, when you are taking turn. This method is very much used in Manoeuvrings and parking.

3 Point Turn OR Multi Point Turn

When you have to turn your car back or while taking U turn, you will need to follow 3 Point Turn OR Multi Point Turn method.

3 Seconds Gap

The car in front of your car must be at 3 second gap from your your's. It is must for avoiding tailgating and accidents.

Stop and Give way signs

Stop and Give way signs. Stop at very close to stop line, and move when it is safe to move.

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