My daughter Georgia, whilst a little nervous, set off with her “Tester” quietly confident that Tony had taught her everything she would need to pass her P’s, and she did! Georgia had 4 lessons with Tony and each time Tony was punctual, friendly and very accommodating of fitting in with our family’s crazy schedule.

She always felt relaxed in the car with Tony, he is a great driving instructor with years of technical knowledge. He also taught Georgia lots of great practical tips and techniques whilst driving which will hopefully become habit forming and keep her safer on the road! I would definitely recommend Tony if you are after a calm, pleasant and skillful driving instructor. Thank you Tony!

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A Hills resident since 2001, after years in the media, I decided to travel down a new career road ... as a driving coach; a decision based on flexibility, locality, and a desire to take some small part in creating safer drivers on the road. Because let's face it, there's not a lot of them about!

Emphasing 'Practical Driving Skills' so that the student truly understands How Driving Works, I emphasise good, modern techniques; techniques which ultimately enable a new driver to achieve greater control of their vehicle, and smoother handling; techniques which will keep you ... or get you ... out of trouble. Right from the start!

Patient, (mostly) calm, but quite particular ... I ensure my students are the best amongst their peers ... teaching them to drive safely, drive well, drive for life ... rather than just how to pass a simplistic driving test-:)


Location: Sydney Hills, Northern Districts, Northern Beaches, Hornsby Region and surrounding Suburbs

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