My driving instructor was Anita Sharma. She is brilliant and perfect in her work. Thank you so much Anita just because of you I am a better driver now and got the licence, I will highly recommend her if someone wants to pass there test in first go. Good Luck Anita thank you once again !

My Instructor was: 

Instructor Details

Anita Sharma has 25 years Customer Service experience in Australia as a Credit Manager and had her own business, she has been driving on Australians roads for 28 years, she has the best peoples skills as she has traveled to more than 45 countries.

She has a very positive attitude towards her clients and deals very calmly with them with a very caring and understanding nature and is committed to provide the highest level of service.She also has the ability to think clearly and act decisively in stressful situations and ability to anticipate and interpret peoples needs and expectations. She is a valuable member of a highly motivated and dynamic team of individual who strives for excellence in their field.

Not only Anita drives on the road, she also has a Boat licence and is working on her Motor bike licence.

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