Blacktown based Onroad Driving School in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Onroad Driving School is providing Driving lessons in Blacktown, with the best driving instructors team in Blacktown providing safe driving lessons to people to help them avoid accidents. Blacktown Driving School and its driving instructors are known for their best driving practices in the suburb.

Nash Rasheed

Nash is consciously involved in promoting good practices while driving so that learners can take that knowledge and apply for the rest of their lives on road. The objective of his lessons is not only to get the learners prepared for driving tests but also to ensure they appreciate and apply safe and responsible driving practices. This helps creating capable drivers in Sydney every time one goes on solo driving believing that he/she can be a role model as others would be enlightened to see the good responsible driving practices learnt at 'Onroad'.

Nirav Shah

Nirav is a multi talented driving instructor with plenty of patience and great experience in teaching industry. Nirav has a very positive attitude in providing lesson to his students and have solid reputation in his referral students. Nirav has a brand new automatic Toyota Corolla car and also provides manual driving lessons. Nirav helps students with driving safe and defensively on road.


Available Instructors

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