Barden Ridge Driving School is situated in Southern Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Onroad Driving School in Barden Ridge suburb provides safe driving driving lessons to students which help them a lot as a defensive driving. Barden Ride Driving School is best known for its teaching of Defensive Driving Courses.

Peter MacLean

Peter is a manual vehicle Driving Instructor with Onroad Driving School Sydney and brings lots of experience from both a driving and teaching background. Peter has had significant teaching experience gained from teaching scuba diving and drumming. This background helps Peter provide a structured and fun learning environment. Peter also has undertaken Defensive and Advanced Driver training and has held a CAMS (Confederation of Australian Motorsport) National Racing Licence.

Anil Sabnis

Anil has experience in customer service for more than 20 years. He also has more than 30 years of driving experience in total. With this experience he realised the importance of safe driving technique. He started instructing friends and their family members and saw the success. This made him decide to become a driving instructor. He obtained driving instructor license and started sharing his experience with his students. His patience is the key to his instructions.

Roberto Iliev

Roberto has 29 years of driving experience and last 14 years working as a professional driver. He has a Certificate IV in Transport and logistics and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Roberto has an exceptional knowledge of RMS regulations & NSW road rules. he is a passionate to teach people the right behaviours and attitudes to protect themselves and other motorists. These are the great strengths of him:

Will Massey

Will originally comes from England and has extensive international and local driving experience. He is a very patient and calm instructor which quickly puts his students at ease. He has well structured lessons in a manual vehicle that caters for all levels of student. Whether you are a complete novice or just feel that you need a little 'polish' before attempting the test, Will can always add value to your driving. After-all, as instructors we are not just training to 'pass a test' but also to drive for 'Life'.

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