Corporate WHS Training

Onroad Driving School is able to offer leading Work Health and Safety (WHS) training for any business through our sister company, Academy of Road Safety. For majority of the population, driving is the riskiest task undertaken on a day to day basis. For many businesses driving is also one of the highest, if not the leading, WHS hazard. Employers are obligated, just like with any other WHS hazard, to carry out all reasonably practical steps to manage the associated risk with driving.

Our WHS training will ensure participants remain safe out on the road and compliance with WHS requirements to reduce liability in the event of an accident. Over 1 in 4 work vehicles are involved in an accident annually with 30% of fatal accidents being work related. This training is a must for anyone who drives for work as for a fraction of the cost of the vehicle they are driving, the training will ensure each person will be as capable as possible to keep themselves safe out on the road.

Academy of Road Safety can conduct training nationally at any location within Australia and has a number of training options with training programs being tailored specific to the needs of each business.  All of our trainers have a minimum Cert 4 in Training and Assessment and are highly experienced and professional. An example of our training options is outlined below.

Theory Presentation – Low risk driving theory presentation conducted at your workplace or at a privately hired venue. Participants will learn the key factors in road accidents, how to dramatically reduce the chance of being involved in an accident, low risk driving strategies and will gain an understanding of crash avoidance techniques and vehicle safety systems.

Practical Exercises - Practical exercises are conducted off the road in a controlled environment either at your workplace or a privately hired venue. Participants will get to practice crash avoidance techniques and utilise their vehicle safety systems including ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), with feedback given by an experienced trainer after each exercise.

Onroad Coaching and Driving Assessments - Driving Assessments are conducted 1 on 1 out on the road and drivers are assessed against a checklist of various skills and aspects. Drivers are assessed to see whether they are competent in simple daily driving tasks such as give way signs, round abouts, traffic and other basic skills needed to pass the driving test. We also look at low risk driving strategies including speed management, hazard perception, crash avoidance space and decision making to make an assessment on the likelihood of the driver being involved in an accident. We create a one page summary of how each driver performed and give our feedback, each summary is then emailed through to you to keep on record and can be easily accessed in the event a staff member is involved in an accident. We also create an overall summary of the training and how staff members performed and also recommend any further training if required

Half Day Group Training - Up to 40 people are able to complete a half day course which will be an even split between theory and practical. The practical component will give an understanding of speed vs stopping distance and the opportunity to complete straight line braking exercises from 40km/h up to 100km/h. Two half day courses are also able to be completed in one day.

Full Day Group Training - Up to 30 people are able to complete a full day course which will be a combination of theory and practical and provides participants with more 1 on 1 time with each trainer. The practical component is much more extensive compared to the half day course and will look at correct seating position, car control techniques, brake swerve recover exercises, slalom exercises, car maintenance, vehicle types/configurations and vision. We can also tailor the practical training to your specific needs.

For further information please get in touch with Academy of Road Safety’s senior trainer, Ronak Shah, to discuss your business and specific requirements. Ronak will then come up with a tailored program to suit your needs and provide a price. Ronak can be contacted directly on 02 9863 7999 or aors [at] Otherwise fill out the form below and Ronak will be in touch with you.

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