Tony Whale

Tony Whale

Hi, I'm Tony. I have been a Hills resident since 2001 and after years in the media, I decided to travel down a new career road ... as a driving coach; a decision based on flexibility, locality, and a desire to take some small part in creating safer drivers on the road. Because let's face it, there's not a lot of them about!

Emphasing 'Practical Driving Skills' so that the student truly understands How Driving Works, I emphasise good, modern techniques; techniques which ultimately enable a new driver to achieve greater control of their vehicle, and smoother handling; techniques which will keep you ... or get you ... out of trouble. Right from the start!

I am patient, (mostly) calm, but quite particular ... I ensure my students are the best amongst their peers ... teaching them to drive safely, drive well, drive for life ... rather than just how to pass a simplistic driving test-:)


Name: Tony Whale
Skills & Interests: 
Cert IV in Driving Instruction, RMS (Transport for NSW) Licensed Driving Instructor, Keys 2 Drive (Free Driving Lesson) accredited Instructor, Safer Drivers Course Coach

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