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Safer Drivers Course by onroad driving school sydney

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Being a driving instructor, I am very calm and patient. It is not only my job it is my hobby to make our community safer on road. With positive and can do attitude I will make learners calm during driving lesson. I...


Will originally comes from England and has extensive international and local driving experience. He is a very patient and calm instructor which quickly puts his students at ease. He has well structured lessons in a manual vehicle that caters for all levels of student. Whether you are a complete novice or just feel that you need a little 'polish...


Renu is a presentable grooming person with a sensible and sincere interest in the people she serves and willingness to provide as much help and service to them with a positive attitude. Renu is a mother of two teenage boys which gives her a great understanding of ...


Patient, relaxed and calm. Martin has drawn on his many years in the hospitality and tourism industries in working out the best approach for students to achieve their desire to be a safe and confident driver. Following recommendations set down by the RMS, his students go for their driving test knowing exactly what is expected.


Milan has spent around 22 years in Pharmaceutical sales and had over 29 years of Driving Experience. Milan has got into this new profession as he wanted to give back to the community by way of imparting safe driving techniques to the youngsters.
It is his hobby to teach which is keeping...


Mark has been fantastic with his style of teaching. With his positive and CAN DO attitude, he will make his learners calm during driving lesson and motivate to be a safe driver. Mark has an exceptional skills in customer service and teaching.