It’s all about NIGHT Driving

Night driving has always remained a big question among the learners, aged people and many people with many issues. Why people are so much afraid of night driving or why night driving is always a matter of discussion? Let us discuss about the reasons and details.

The risk factor of night dress 

The biggest factor of making night driving risky is the lesser visibility. It is difficult to visually differentiate few things during the night. Even it makes it difficult to predict situations at night hours. Speed and translucent visibility together create a mishap. 

How to protect yourself while driving during natural calamities?

Whole world is prone to natural calamities and humans prove to be very minor in front of wrath of mother earth. The type is natural calamities is different in different parts of the world. Somewhere the form of natural calamities is earthquake, somewhere the areas are prone to floods or heavy rains or storms. Australia had experienced thunder storms and hurricanes in past. We are planning to share few safety measures and tips to protect your self during driving or while you are at home.


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